How to wear a suit without looking like an amateur

You’re going to attend a business event. Be it a networking party at a trade show or a gala dinner at an upscale hotel, you’ll want to look professional and sophisticated.

Many men, while brilliant in their professions, might stumble over style matters. We feel their charisma can shine through better if they turn up dressed tastefully at business events. Think of all the opportunities they might have missed because of their shabby attire!

And the worst thing is, in Asian culture, people tend to be more reserved; most likely, they won’t tell you that you look awful.

So we’re here to help you. Here’s how you can suit up for success – and not look like an amateur.


#1 No tight fit, please.

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Charcoal Suit: Why Every Man Should Own One

For every gentlemen, there will be a point in life where he has to purchase and own a suit. Alike many others, having their very first tailored suit done may pose to be a vexing process.

Furthermore, the pressure increases as he finds himself faced with the challenge of deciding on the perfect suit best tailored to his needs, and how to achieve the most mileage of out it.

After all, a suit is the essential outfit in every men’s wardrobe. Getting a suit is in fact a long term investment, and not just a mere decision to be taken lightly.

He will have to take into consideration the potential functionality of his suit and how in the various possible occasions where the need for it arises before the purchase.

And if you haven’t already guessed, the determining factor which greatly attributes to its practicality is the colour. Despite so, the fit, type/style and design are just as crucial and should not be neglected in the selection process.

Following on, this prompts the question:

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