Dress Code Guide 101

For many of you reading this, hearing the term “dress code” can either bring out a sigh of confusion or a groan of despair. In fact, most people end up using Google to see what each dress code means only to become even more confused as the definitions are too broad and often not defined by the host.

You’ll see websites giving you different definitions that contradict one another while also not fully answering the queries you might have. We hope to provide you with both! From our personal experience, you’d want to take note of these 4 most commonly used dress codes:


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How to choose the colour of your suit according to your skin tone

Choosing your suit colour can be a dilemma, we got you.

Alan Flusser, the eminent American menswear designer, once said: “One of the most important – but least understood – functions of male attire is to lead the viewer’s eyes toward the face … When the face is surrounded by tonalities that invigorate and illuminate its presence, its ability to provoke immediate and marked reactions is amplified.”

You probably think that as long as the colours in your outfit complement one another, you’re fine. That’s what “matching” is all about.

Think again.

One thing you may have overlooked: the colour contrast between your facial features (including your hair). To look your best, it’s important to identify the contrast level between your facial features and create a similar contrast level for your outfit. Most of us at some point in time in our sartorial journey, probably would have thought to ourselves – The guy on Instagram looks amazing in that outfit. I wonder if I can pull it off too. Thankfully identifying your contrast level isn’t as daunting as you think it is (it is in fact quite mathematical).

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Charcoal Suit: Why Every Man Should Own One

For every gentlemen, there will be a point in life where he has to purchase and own a suit. Alike many others, having their very first tailored suit done may pose to be a vexing process.

Furthermore, the pressure increases as he finds himself faced with the challenge of deciding on the perfect suit best tailored to his needs, and how to achieve the most mileage of out it.

After all, a suit is the essential outfit in every men’s wardrobe. Getting a suit is in fact a long term investment, and not just a mere decision to be taken lightly.

He will have to take into consideration the potential functionality of his suit and how in the various possible occasions where the need for it arises before the purchase.

And if you haven’t already guessed, the determining factor which greatly attributes to its practicality is the colour. Despite so, the fit, type/style and design are just as crucial and should not be neglected in the selection process.

Following on, this prompts the question:

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