How to look taller with the help of dress pants

Gkurkha trousers

Amongst a man’s arsenal of clothing, dress pants are one of the most underrated pieces. People usually dismiss dress pants and pay little attention to them, but as long as you know how to, a well-chosen pair of dress pants is able to not only make you look extremely presentable but also exceptionally flattering (i.e. making your legs look longer).

In today’s article, we have selected 5 simple and easy-to-do hacks that will help you look taller effortlessly!

1) Avoid low rise pants

If you don’t know what “low-rise” or what “rise” means, we have the definition and sample image for you below:

How low or high a “rise” is referring to the distance from the top of your waistband, all the way down to the crotch.

different types of rise
Different types of rise. Image source

In recent years, “low-rise” jeans have been gaining traction in terms of their popularity, but the main and glaring issue is that they’ve applied these same rules to dress pants as well.

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